Monday, June 26, 2006

Suck Ass

Late JC wins! Theorris loses his disc on the grassy last downhill hole. Woe! June Bug turns in a respectable performance for a 3 timer.

Disc Golf 2006!

Disc Golf 2006!
Originally uploaded by Theorris.
The weeds, June Bug, Late JC, and I debuting at the Disc Golforama 2006! Only one disc lost!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Gearing up for a new season

It is getting close. Solitude supposedly openned last weekend, and I'm itching for another season of mountain disc golf. As it rained on Saturday, however, Melongrab and I decided to stay down in the valley. I suspect when might make the trek up this weekend, however. I hope that June Bug can attend. Unfortunately, karmaking is in South Korea and I think the flight would be too much for the 3-5 hours of play. I hope that the Croyn will join us as well, but that all depends if he has got his Grandfather's Oldsmobile repaired.

I believe that my shoulder is finally in good shape for the season. I have not been doing my excercises as I should, but it doesn't have the dull ache that it developed last year any longer. As my exhibit against intelligent design I give you the rotator cuff.

So, it is one more season for the Discarama! If anyone wants to join who is an avid disc golfer, drop me a line at