Saturday, August 20, 2011

2011 Preschool Invitational

Excellent day at the University of Utah disc golf course (once again) for the 2011 Preschool Invitational The name wasn't initially meant to have a double meaning, but given my play today, it fits. The "Invitational" part of the name means that whoever invites whoever and hope for the best as to who actually shows up. Today we had 5 show up. The Croin, Joe, and I were joined by newcomers Shawn and Joe (New Joe?) New Joe was particularly adept and threw several birdies. Shawn had a solid day given that he had not played for some time. The Croin and I suffered shoulder issues and Old Joe is still on a remarkable streak!

Friday, August 19, 2011

University of Utah Update

Previously mentioned friend Joe and I hit the disc golf course yesterday and again today.  My shoulder was tweaking a bit yesterday (and today to be honest) but Joe had a massive round for his second day out at the course (and third time ever disc golfing.)  While we weren't keeping score he racked up a pair of birdies and other not paired ones.  I feel I must salute his ability to pick up the game so quickly.  I did ok with mostly pars and a few bogies.  I think I was stuck in a rut for a while, because just recently I've felt much more confident in my throw and ability to throw distance.  It is all about followthrough, I think.  Often I think I stop my throw at the end and it was causing me to throw short or causing the disc to heiser too much at the end.

Today was a bit of a regrouping day:  I did pretty poorly with a triple bogie on one hole and just a few pars.  I nearly had birdie three times, but messed up the putts.  Go figure.  Joe did pretty well, overall and did manage to add another birdie to his record.

On to tomorrow!  I really want to hit Solitude this weekend, but it looks a little shaky what with my regular disc golfing compadres being indisposed, injured, or both.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

University of Utah Initiation

Took a buddy up to play his first round of disc golf course at the University of Utah today.  He's only thrown one time before.  While wobbly initially (as we all are), he actually had a pretty decent long throw by the end of the day.  He has the makings of a pretty decent chucker, I think.

Here is a panorama from the 17th tee:

Monday, July 18, 2011

Solitude Opening Day 2011!

We're still gathering all our media here a Disc-a-rama central, but yesterday was opening weekend at Solitude after much anticipation.  Solitude opened late this year because of an excellent snow season.  The weather was perfect and the throwing was exceptionally good, most likely due to the high humidity.

More to follow!