Sunday, September 28, 2008

Wilhelm Disc Golf Invitational 2008: Ready to Throw

The Croin, LateJC, Hopabout, and Molly steel themsevles to enjoy a fine day of disc golfing at Solitude Mountain Resort. I received a few calls mid-course from invitees wondering if we were actually going to have the tournament. As if. Slackers.

Wilhelm Disc Golf Invitational 2008: Lower Northstar

Here Catinlap takes his second throw from mid-range. He landed fairly near the basket. He had 2 birdies. This, I believe, sets a Wilhelm Invitational record.

Wilhelm Disc Golf Invitational 2008: The Croin throws the Hippy

The Croin took up using his favorite disc, "The Hippy," despite its colors. It is rather easy to lose discs of such a color scheme, you see.

Wilhelm Disc Golf Invitational 2008: Mainstreet

Here the crew ponders the final 1,219 hole. A good day was had by all. I ended up with a 75 because of a disruptive family who turned my par chance on Mainstreet into a triple bogie. Blah!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Woeful updating

We've actually had a great disc golfing summer, but have been very bad about updating our activities. I shall remedy that as soon as possible.