Monday, August 28, 2006

Late August Disc-a-ganza

We had a pretty good time up at the 'tude this week. Late JC had the best score and was solid with a birdy right off the bat with hole number 1. Croin was second with a solid game of pars, bogies, and the occastional double bogie. I did ok (my best yet, I think) and had the most number of pars I've ever had. My new style (the flick) wore on my late in the game and I was very much losing it. JuneBug turned in a good score and one must note that this is her first summer engaging in the sport of Czars. (Too many other royals have claimed other sports, so we'll go for the sport of the late Russian Empire.)

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Swamp Crotch in AZ said...

It just looks so Goddamn official. Looks like if you signed a false scorecard the PDGA is going to send very bad men in black suits to hunt you down.