Sunday, June 10, 2007

Season openner 2007

Although we have been having fun with the disc golf basket in the park and have gone to Creekside a couple of times, it really isn't disc golf season until we "take it to the 'tude" by playing the magnificent course at Solitude Ski Resort in Big Cottonwood Canyon, Utah. Yesterday the crew (including our now ex-ex-pat Nathan) and I headed up the canyon to try our luck with the course.

In planning for the trip we were a bit hesitant on what to wear, since it was a rather cold weather we've had here in Salt Lake for the last week, and it did snow quite a bit in the mountains. So with some hemming and hawing, we donned our gear and headed out. I chose to wear shorts, as did JC, but Dustin and Nathan were more conservative and suspicious of the weather, so they wore long pants. Our weather trepidation was allayed, however, the moment we stepped from the car at Solitude. I don't think one could ask for more pleasant weather, despite the skiffs of snow on the ground.

Overall it was a decent outing. I still hover in the 80's (given my consistent bogies), but the other guys are getting much tighter games. Dustin started off as I did once last season with a birdie on the first hole. Although losing one disc in a rather high pine, Nathan had a very good game. JC too showed his skills by chalking up pars. Dustin had the most consistent game and, with the help of his opening birdy

Our shining moment cam eon hole 12 where we all threw par. Believe it or not, that has never happened before.

Pictures to follow.

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