Saturday, July 14, 2007

Score card update

I've been meaning to post these score cards for your perusal. You will note that we on the Wilhelm team appear to be making progress.

Card 1: The NP Bone Birthday Invitation Cup

The Late JC had a solid day (he is Cat on the card). I (Orris) started out well with a birdie but then quickly fell into a doldrum of double bogies. Bone was solid, but given that he was red shirted for a year in Korea, it is understandable why he bogied most of the holes.

Card 2: The Day of the Long Throw

For day two of our disc golf camp, Dustin started out by throwing his disc halfway into the next county. I'm not kidding. The disc soared straight and long, and we found it halfway into the next green. As you can see (Bone) was the overall winner and completely recuperated his score from the previous day. My score came down 2 strokes as well.

Card #3: The Canyons

The Canyons course is so short you can easily play it twice in about an hour and a half (with no lallygagging.) While fun, the course is only moderately challenging and should be all par 3. The course has some great dog legs and is mostly uphill (not super-steep hills). I would recommend the course for beginners and folks just out to have some fun in the woods. While our scores don't show incredible play, it would seem that one could learn this course quite easily. JC seems to have become bored and neglected to score the final holes.

Card 4: Friday the 13th

Both JC and I did really quite well on this outing. I think 70 might be my best score ever, but I will have to look through the record. While I am not great disc golfer, I do feel my game has improved handily since I have adopted the flick as my basic throw and have consciously attempted to improve my game by analyzing my discs, my throw, and my game strategy.

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