Sunday, June 29, 2008


TheOrris lets her fly.
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Well Solitude Mountain Resort is finally open for the season. There were skiffs of snow here and there, but the conditions were excellent in that it was not too over-grown yet.

I actually had a pretty solid game. With no major screw-ups. Now, of course, double bogies may be considered massive screw ups for some, but not I. I actually broke 80. That usually takes me a few trips up. For whatever reason I was feeling quite confident yesterday, and threw well. I only throw "flick" style--or sidearm, given I have a very wonky shoulder that tends to fly out of its socket when I throw back hand. I'm getting some pretty good distance too. I thank my disks for that.

Now as for the others, June Bug is improving, although I think she gets discouraged. I'm trying to convince her to give up back hand all together and go with the flick. She does much better throwing sidearm.

Catinlap and the Croin battled it out on the front 9, ending up tied. The Croin, however, had a run of bad luck, and fell behind by 3 strokes. Both, still kick my ass at putting and approach shots, but I consistently beat them on distance. BOO YEAH!

Great day, in all. Invigorating as always. I'm looking forward to an excellent season.

Here's our score card:

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