Friday, August 19, 2011

University of Utah Update

Previously mentioned friend Joe and I hit the disc golf course yesterday and again today.  My shoulder was tweaking a bit yesterday (and today to be honest) but Joe had a massive round for his second day out at the course (and third time ever disc golfing.)  While we weren't keeping score he racked up a pair of birdies and other not paired ones.  I feel I must salute his ability to pick up the game so quickly.  I did ok with mostly pars and a few bogies.  I think I was stuck in a rut for a while, because just recently I've felt much more confident in my throw and ability to throw distance.  It is all about followthrough, I think.  Often I think I stop my throw at the end and it was causing me to throw short or causing the disc to heiser too much at the end.

Today was a bit of a regrouping day:  I did pretty poorly with a triple bogie on one hole and just a few pars.  I nearly had birdie three times, but messed up the putts.  Go figure.  Joe did pretty well, overall and did manage to add another birdie to his record.

On to tomorrow!  I really want to hit Solitude this weekend, but it looks a little shaky what with my regular disc golfing compadres being indisposed, injured, or both.

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