Friday, August 21, 2009

New Disc Golf Course!

The University of Utah has installed a new disc golf course to replace part of the defunct golf golf course. Will wonders never cease?

I only wish they had the course when I was getting my degree at the U, although it might have been detrimental to my study time between classes, it would have been a nice break in the day to get in 18 baskets. If that were the case, I probably would be a much better disc golfer today. Oh well, I suppose I will settle for the positive side effects of being studious.

Catinlap and I played the course yesterday. While the holes are generally quite short, they do have tree challenges and will offer the backhand exclusive thrower a heiser-heavy round of play. Lefty backhanders and righty forehanders should be in good stead, as I was since I throw right forehand for driving pretty much exclusively. We folk can throw and nice right-tending hook around trees rather well. The poor righty backhander tends to hook left, and that is a tough call at this course without the heiser.

In all it was quite a fun course--although not extremely challenging, it makes for a fun afternoon. I can't wait to play it more.

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