Saturday, August 22, 2009

This is the place--for disc golf!

I know there was some gnashing of teeth of the retirement of the ball golf course at the University, but a disc golf makes much more sense given that it is less dangerous to pedestrians, TRAX trains, and cars who pass closely by, park, or sit near the course. The course is dry right now, given that they are still working on construction for what I think will be new dorms at the University. In any case, disc golf course will never take any where near as much water as a ball golf course since it doesn't require water-hogging greens.

The view from the 12th basket is the best. The 13th tee is nearby and here Catinlap, while taking in the view, is also looking towards the 13th basket, tucked into the trees on the right. I managed to end up in one of the construction trenches on my throw.

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